Technology Application

The application of Mibbo products on aluminum processing equipment

With the vigorous development of China's door and window industry, many bosses who are optimistic about the prospects of the door and window industry plan to develop in the processing of doors and windows. To produce high-performance doors and windows, it is inseparable from high-performance doors and windows equipment.


Automation control artifact - relay module

Mibbo relays are widely used in the industrial field, and in copper tube extrusion equipment, the relay module has extraordinary convenience, whether the relay is damaged or needs to be replaced, there is no need for deep disassembly, and it can be easily replaced like a small intermediate relay, greatly reducing the maintenance burden.


Harbin Ice and Snow World Night View Project

Mibbo power engineering solutions are widely used in night scene engineering and urban lighting. Including power supplies, sensors, relays, button switches and other products. Provide reliable, efficient and sustainable power solutions to ensure stable and safe operation of power.


Electrical connection solutions for injection molding machine equipment

The plastics industry is one of the pillar industries of China's light industry and is closely related to China's national economy. With the rapid development of China's economy in recent years, the demand for injection molding products in downstream fields such as automobiles, home appliances, medical health, consumer electronics, daily necessities, packaging and so on continues to increase.


Application of Mibbo products in 3D printing equipment

The government is also actively promoting the development of 3D printing technology, promoting innovation and application in this field by providing financial support and policy guidance.


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