The application of Mibbo products on aluminum processing equipment
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The application of Mibbo products on aluminum processing equipment

The application of Mibbo products on aluminum processing equipment

March 11, 2024


     With the vigorous development of China's door and window industry, many bosses who are optimistic about the prospects of the door and window industry plan to develop in the processing of doors and windows. To produce high-performance doors and windows, it is inseparable from high-performance doors and windows equipment.



      Aluminum alloy doors and windows is the general trend of the door and window industry, compared with the previous steel doors and windows aluminum alloy has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and hard texture, coupled with the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows have a strong thermal insulation effect, in the performance and appearance are very favored by the industry, the wide promotion of aluminum alloy doors and windows makes more and more processing equipment for sawing aluminum alloy doors and windows, and the processing of aluminum alloy doors and windows requires the use of double-head cutting saws, automatic corner saws, corner machines, end milling machines and so on.

     Mibbo is a technology company focused on the field of industrial automation. Our products are widely used in aluminum alloy processing equipment. According to the specific needs of customers, we can provide customized solutions to help customers improve the stability of product processing equipment, automation efficiency, and improve product competitiveness!




Product Features:

·340 ~ 550V three-phase wide-range AC input (dual-phase operation possible)

·The width is only 85.5mm

·It has active PFC function

·High efficiency of up to 93% with low loss

·Protection type: short circuit/overload/overvoltage/overtemperature

·Natural air cooling

·Built-in constant current limiting circuit

·Mounting track: TS-35/7.5 or 15

·Optional DC OK relay contacts

·3-year warranty



Product Features:

·1 group (12A), 2 groups (8A) changeover contact type

·Contact Material: Silver-Nickel Alloy

·Mechanical durability 1*10

·Built-in work indicator

·Coil-contact withstand voltage 5000V


·A variety of sockets are available to meet the needs of various applications

·A new type of pendulum with locking for easy inspection circuits has been added



Product Features:

·Mounting hole diameter diversification: φ12, φ16, φ19, φ22, φ25, φ30

·Ultra-slim design mechanism, overall thickness ≤ 15mm

·Ultra-short action stroke, ultra-light pressing power, excellent jog operation experience

·Meets ICE60947-5 GB14048.5 standards

·High degree of protection: IP67


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