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Employees:Employees who dare to take responsibility, work diligently, and act effectively are the greatest wealth of Mibo Enterprise. Respecting knowledge, respecting individuality, striving collectively, and not accommodating meritorious employees are our inherent requirements for team driving force construction
Technical Products:On the basis of independence and autonomy, we open up and cooperate to develop a leading technological system and manufacture strong products.
Work Spirit:A sense of responsibility, innovation, and dedication are the essence of our corporate culture. Seeking truth from facts and being brave in taking responsibility are the principles of our behavior.
Decision Making and Operation:Pay attention to guiding thinking and perspectives, and encourage all employees to have a common pursuit of value; Enable employees to have excellent decision-making and action skills
Interest:We advocate forming a community of interests among customers, employees, and collaborators, and strive to explore internal driving mechanisms for distribution based on production factors.
Corporate Humanities and Social Responsibility:Transmit positive energy to Mibo Enterprise and the entire society, including knowledge, technology, management, integrity, and sentiment