Power Engineer



Undergraduate Course




3-5 Years

Job responsibilities:

1. Participate in the development and design of switching power supplies, and improve them;

2. Responsible for product sampling, testing, and improvement;

3. Responsible for technical issues during product trial production and mass production;

4. Participate in the research, planning and development of new project Technology roadmap;

5. Participate in the writing, collection, summarization, and archiving of company hardware technical materials.


Job requirements:

1. Have a high sense of responsibility, teamwork spirit, strong self-learning ability and hands-on ability;

2. Bachelor's degree or above in Electronic Technology, Mechatronics or Automation related majors;

3. Familiar with electronic components, with practical project experience, able to independently complete projects;

4. Proficient in using commonly used design software for schematic design and PCB design;

5. Experience in power research and development is preferred.