Hardware Development Engineer



Undergraduate Course




5-10 Years

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for inverter scheme planning and topology selection design.

2. Responsible for designing the inverter schematic and guiding PCB engineers in PCB layout.

3. Responsible for the selection of components and the design of magnetic components, as well as the debugging of single boards and the entire machine.

4. Responsible for the mass production of inverters and energy storage products;

5. Solve technical issues found during the manufacturing process of inverters and energy storage products;

6. Solve product technical issues discovered during the after-sales process, continuously optimize and improve products and solutions.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor's degree or above in power electronics or automation related majors

At least 2.3 years of relevant work experience in the power electronics industry, with experience in inverters, energy storage inverters, or UPS preferred;

3. Have a good theoretical foundation, strong practical skills, and clear logical thinking.

4. Have experience in power product related projects, be able to independently undertake circuit topology debugging, and be familiar with the characteristics and applications of various power electronic components.

5. Possess good communication and coordination skills and a sense of teamwork. hardware